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The Speciality Construction Products Center (SCPC), the products division of Aar-Chem-Tech (India) Pvt Ltd is a leader in the manufacture and distribution of construction chemicals and products. Our products have stood the test of time, quality and durability under the most stringent of conditions.

We achieve breakthrough performance in our products by investing in research and development, high performance supply chain capabilities and exacting quality standards.

Our range of construction chemicals includes:

  • Concrete repair and protection materials
  • Concrete Admixtures
  • Flooring Solutions (Coatings and Hardeners)
  • Exterior insulation Systems
  • Expansion joints
  • Grouting and anchoring solutions
  • Crack repair and injection resins
  • Joint sealants
  • Tiling products
  • Waterproofing additives, repellants and coatings
  • Other Products tailored to your specific needs


Construction Chemicals have applications in:

  • Infrastructure projects like construction of dams, bridges, roads, power plants, railroads, underground transportation systems, airports, etc.
  • Ready mix concrete production for retaining workability over a long haul time.
  • Residential and commercial buildings for construction
  • Waterproofing of basements, foundations, terraces, bathrooms, swimming pools, water tanks, etc.
  • Renovation and repair projects, where special mortars are used for carrying out repairs to beams, columns, structural elements, foundations, tunnels and subways.
  • Equipment grouting, where free flow non shrink grouts are used for machine base plate fixing, pocket grouting, foundation bolts, mini piles, tie-bar anchors etc.

Drawing on our experience and success with construction chemicals, we have introduced a specialty division for petrochemicals directed towards the Roads and Highways industry. Our Quality and Life Boosters (QLBs) significantly enhance the performance, durability and reparability of bituminous pavements. These products are used by road authorities throughout the country such as state Public Works Departments (PWD), Border Roads Organization (BRO), National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) and other eminent road contracting agencies.

Our range of road chemicals:

Quality and Life Boosters - PowerbondTM is our proprietary petrochemical agent that eliminates stripping, increases durability and strength of bituminous pavements. The Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport & Highways have specified the maximum stripping value of 5% for a number of Bituminous constructions.

Instant Road Repair Solutions - InstapatchTM is a ready to use mix for instant repair and maintenance of roads. This product is meant for direct use without heating or mixing which makes it ideal for situations where quick and easy repair of roads is needed.